Through Hole

We utilize Contact Systems CS400 semi-automatic insertion equipment for thru-hole boards that clinch the components to the circuit board. This method ensures that the parts do not fall off or rise up (“float”) during wave soldering and greatly reduces human error. Unlike large auto inserters that can only do one type of part and can’t handle loose piece, these machines can clinch a full range of components. From simple resistors to large relays and everything in between. Benefits to this system include:

  • Improved solderability
  • No component spillage or pop-up during wave soldering
  • Simple lead forming
  • Easier insertion
  • No post-solder lead trimming
  • The ideal lead length and clinch angle can be adjusted for every individual part
  • Capable of speeds up to 1200cph
  • Our line can achieve insertions rates up to 28,800 components per day

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